Dolphins Have Baby and They Nurture the Baby – How ?

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Dolphin mother and the baby

Katie, from southern California asks,” How dolphins have baby?” It’s the common question that always cross our mind, who love or like dolphins and this article is made from different sources of internet.

Before we understand how dolphins have baby, we should get to know about dolphins themselves. Dolphins are mammals. Just like other mammals, dolphins also get pregnant and give birth to a baby, milk feed and nurture the baby until he is grown up.

Dolphins breathe through lungs, and in every few minutes they dive up to water surface for breathing. Dolphin has a tiny hole behind its head, which is called “blowhole”. Having taken a breath, the hole is closed to prevent water out of the lungs.

After all, how dolphins have baby, which are as mammal, live under water that needs air above the sea to breathe?

There are many kinds of dolphin around the world and to grow up, be ready for reproducing, is depending on typical species and sex. On female dolphins, they usually reach sexual maturity faster than males. Maturity is in terms of readiness for copulation. For the bottle nose dolphins, they reach maturity at the age of 5, whereas on other male dolphins will reach the age of 9-13. For Spinner species, the females reach maturity at the age of 4-7 and male at 7-10 year-old. For Pilot species, the female reach maturity at the age of 3-4 and the males at 6-8 year-old. Having been fertilized, female dolphin will get pregnant along 9-17 month, which depends on each species. Etc: bottlenose dolphin 12 month, spinner dolphins 10.5 month, spotted dolphins 11.5 month, pilot dolphins 12-15 month, risso dolphin 13-14 month.

We should know that dolphins are not monogamous, which in fact, male dolphins have nothing to do into nurturing their baby. Dolphins are social mammal; they always live together in group, which is called “POD”, where it is possible to fertilize other female in the group. Many of female dolphins get pregnant once in every 2 years, but normally, they give birth within 3-5 years. And will stop giving birth at the age of 35-40. Most of baby dolphins are born along May until July where water temperature reaches 85 Fahrenheit Degree.

Then there is another question, how many babies dolphin can have in the moment of delivery at once? According to a research they can always give birth to a single baby. But some documentations report that dolphin can also give birth to twins though it is a rare occasion, even there are some evidence can prove it. In fact, it is almost impossible for a single mother dolphin to feed and raise twin babies.

A mother bears the fetus in her womb, like other mammals. When the time comes to give birth, a female dolphin begins to draw herself to a solitary place. In the process of giving birth, a female dolphin is always be accompanied by a male or female dolphin to be assistant as well as a guard against sharks. Why? It’s because, while delivering the baby, a mother will lose a lot of blood, which may allure some predators to come around.

At the beginning, the process of giving birth is moving slowly when the mother usually swimming around on water surface about 1-2 hours. At the time of delivering baby dolphin, which is always called “calf, it is coming out within intervals of 20-30minutes. Usually, the tail fin initiates to come out first, but sometimes the head possibly to come out first place.

In average, baby dolphins are born 42-52 inch long and 44 lbs weight. A baby dolphin has flexible spine and tail fin and will gradually get harder along the growing years. Initially, the baby, that has just been born, is yet unable to breathe well and the mother will push the baby up afloat the water to take its first breath. If the baby still does not breathe, the mother will make an effort by pushing its abdomen and chest to enable the baby to breathe. When the baby can breathe on its own, the baby will come to its mother side.

Like other mammals, dolphins also have nipples to feed milk to the baby. Six hours after given birth, the baby will be soon searching for milk. When the baby needs milk, the baby will look for mother’s nipples which are located on its abdomen, near the reproductive organ. Muscles around the nipples will be contracted, and start producing milk which shelling out some milk like water pistols. It occurs 4 times a day, where it takes 5 to 10 seconds each time. Milk produced by a mother dolphin contains a lot of fat which is 15-50 % compared to dairy milk of 3-5 %. It is no wonder that within two weeks its body weight grows twice (depends on the species). In the first year, a calf weighs approximately 165 lbs and more than 2 feet long. The process of milk feeding will continue until the age of 12-18 months. Even at the 6 months a baby dolphin is starting to eat fish. Why? It is because of at the age, a baby dolphin is still unable to breathe well while catching fish under water. The mother is not providing fish to be consumed, instead teaching how to catch then the first teeth grows in the following 3-4 months.

A mother dolphin is very protective toward her baby and the baby is so dependent to its mother. Having given birth, a female dolphin will make sounds repeatedly for the baby to be familiar with her sound. And the baby dolphin will start making sounds few days after birth. When the baby is so sick, the mother will swim around beneath the baby to keep her afloat up the water surface to be able to take some breaths until the baby gets better. A research reports that a mother and a baby dolphin do not sleep for a month to introduce the baby with the new surrounding.

Emotional bound between a mother and a baby dolphin is so intense. The emotional bound is long lasting until the baby grows adult to be able to separate from the mother. Even though the mother is having another baby, the older baby keeps staying around the mother until he grows adult which is at the age of 4-5 year-old. A female dolphin will have another baby if the older baby is able to forage him self and does not need his mother milk anymore. When the time to separate from his mother comes and starts taking care his own self, still has the emotional bound and keeps coming to his mother at times. Beyond that, a mother or a baby dolphin will not take risks to save each other, for example, when a dolphin is trapped in fishing net. They will leave him behind. In case of another danger and save themselves from the net when one of them is trapped.

Dolphins grow and become an adult is very quickly and born with a few feelings to live with their environment and habit of group without taught by friends. But dolphin baby also need the love, custody and study of matters for their self from of mother.

That’s a little story about dolphins birth and nurtures their child. I find a nicely the story about The Dolpins child, presented by Kathryn Jense, entitle: Indigo Children:

Listen to Me! – Bo, a Baby Dolphin.

This her story

Hello Children

I’m a dolphin. I’m only four months old. I live in the waters surrounding a beautiful island called Bimini in the Bahamas. I have a couple of helpful hints for you that just may just give you enough courage to start living your lives like you would if you weren’t so afraid.

Look, I know it’s hard to be a child. I’m only four months old. A four month old dolphin is kind of like a six year old human child. I’m very smart and I’m also very stubborn. I have to swim by my mother’s side and sometimes that rule that makes me really mad

I have a twin sister named Fiona. She’s a very good sister. She does everything my mother asks her to do and she never complains. She never even complains about staying by our mother’s side!

I’ve got a bad temper. Even though I’m only four months old I think I should be able to live my life the way I want to. I sometimes feel like I’m in prison. I have to follow all the rules that my mother asks me to follow and I have to stay close to my pod. A pod, by the way, is a dolphin community.

I just wish all the adults in my pod would listen to me. I’ve got really good ideas. I really do know more than most four month old dolphins. I know more than Fiona. She really has a lot to learn.

At least Fiona loves me enough to listen to my ideas. Fiona and I have very long conversations about angels and what life would be like if all dolphins listened to their angels.

My friend Bly who is a very wise adult dolphin said many of you who are reading this letter have problems like I do with life. She said that many you who are reading this letter have been called stubborn, angry and willful. She said many of you get in trouble with your teachers. She said that often your parents have no idea how to raise you because you are so different from other children.

She said, without exception, you are very, very smart. She said most of you have every intention of being good but something goes on in your mind that makes you say things like “I don’t believe you! or “You’re wrong!” or “You don’t know what’s best for me!” You say those things when adults ask you to do things that don’t feel helpful. In other words you don’t believe that following their instructions is going to teach you anything new.

Bly said you are just like me. You always want to learn something different. She said your parents ask you to do things like eat your dinner, go to bed on time, do your homework, listen to your teachers, spell correctly, talk politely to people you don’t like, keep on studying for your test even when you know all the answers, sit up straight, make your bed, clean your room, and wear clean clothes. If you don’t do those things your parents ask you to do them until you do. It’s so boring isn’t it!!

But you know what else Bly told me? She said most of the time adults really do know what’s best for you. I, for example, really must swim by my mother’s side. She doesn’t make me swim by her side because she’s mean. She makes me swim by my side to keep me safe.

Bu gets hurt by a shark and learns about Courage

I’m very small. I don’t know much about keeping myself away from sharks. Sharks eat dolphins. I saw my friend get hurt by a shark. My friend was about twelve months old. A one year old dolphin is like an eight year old human child. My friend, whose name is Bu, is just like me. He’s very independent and he’s very smart. He goes off on adventures all by himself.

One day Bu’s mother said he could swim one mile away from the pod. She said he should never swim further than that because he could get into trouble with sharks. Instead of swimming one mile he swam five miles. He found a big school of fish so he began to catch them and eat them. He forgot that his mother had told him to swim one mile and immediately come back because the pod was about to swim to a different area of the ocean to hunt.

When he didn’t return on time him mother got very worried. She sent a search party out to find Bu. Five dolphins found Bu but it was almost too late. A big shark called a hammerhead shark bumped into Bu and bit him in the side. The five adult dolphins chased the shark away but the shark turned around and swam back towards them. They took charge and they really scared the shark. They didn’t fight the shark. They didn’t chase it and they didn’t get angry. They sent the shark a navy blue color I call Courage. They sent the navy blue color from their hearts.

This navy blue color is called a Ray of Joy. Joy is what you feel when you are so happy that you get up and laugh and play and run around. Joy is what you feel when you are getting along with your family and you’ve just been given permission to do something new.

There are about twenty Rays of Joy. Courage is one of my favorites. My friend Bly sends me the Ray of Courage when I’m afraid I’ve been badly behaved. Whenever she gives me Courage I become brave enough to do whatever it is I’ve been asked to do.

You know how it goes. Sometimes you are a bit afraid to behave because if you do your parents or teachers and other adults won’t realize how very definitely you have another way of looking at life. You are afraid they won’t have any reason to listen to your opinion.

When Bly gives me Courage I feel very joyful and I say to myself “I’m very important and I’ve got very strong opinions. I’ll ask that adult to please sit down and talk to me later. Right now I’ll do as I’ve been told. I do know that even children as smart and full of great ideas as me have a lot to learn from adults.”

You know what! The more I behave and do what my mother and Bly ask me to do the more freedom they give me. So ask your parents to give you Courage if they notice you are upset about something they’ve asked you to do. If you feel really grumpy about being asked to do something give yourself the Ray of Courage? Just imagine yourself being surrounded by navy blue.

Calm, centered, focused dolphins scare sharks

You are probably wondering what happened to the shark when the five adults sent him Courage. Sharks don’t like to receive Rays of Joy from dolphins. The Ray of Courage really makes them anxious. Sharks want dolphins to be afraid of them. A fearful dolphin is a weak dolphin and sharks want dolphins to be weak.

Before adult dolphins send a shark Courage they send one another Courage. They become very calm and all their fear of the shark disappears. They became focused. They focus clearly on the shark’s behaviors. They also become centered. When you are centered you are very aware of your body and you move your body efficiently. No shark wants to mess with a calm, focused, centered dolphin.

Bly said some of you put up with mean children and sometimes mean adults called bullies. If a bully ever bothers you send the bully Courage but don’t forget surround yourself in Courage first. That bully might get worried and walk away.


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